Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The start of something wonderful

Welcome to my Warhammer blog. I bought Warhammer at the turn of the new millennium but have been feeding GW a steady trickle of money for the past 25 years. The games interest me, but the models and scenery interest me more. That said, the sum total of my achievements over that period amount to a few dozen half-painted models and a "games" room (I never get to play any games) chock full of boxes and boxes of GW produce - all bought on impulse and most still in their cellophane wrappers.

I'll admit it, I'm a GW addict. Sure there are other companies out there making better games and better miniatures (cheaper too) but GW is the one that I grew up with and it's the one I can't bring myself to veer away from. Each new release from GW gets my tail wagging and like a tortured puppy still loyal to its abusive owner, I rush out and give them all my money. Over the last ten years you could say that my hobby is no longer playing the games or painting the models - it has become storing: I buy boxes of miniatures and I store them away in cupboards.

At least, that's how it looks to a casual observer. Little do they know that there is a world where all my models have been extensively and imaginatively converted and beautifully painted in subtle and original colour schemes. A world where fully-painted armies stand to attention in delicate glass display cabinets; resin-cast original sculpts improve upon the weakest of GW's designs garnering respect and adulation from fellow hobbyists and GW design studio bosses alike; breath-taking battlefields and terrain portray the breadth and scope of the Warhammer universe in all it's baroque and mysterious glory. And all in a sopisticated, attractive games room with ample storage and room for a spare bed if required.

But where is this world, I hear you ask? It is of course, in my head. My whole life I have been cursed with an imagination that far outstretches my ability; a creative spirit devoid of energy; capability without ambition. So how does this creative spirit manifest itself? Well, usually by me scribbling on bits of paper: to-do lists of what I would do and in what order; doodles of what my models would look like if I converted or sculpted them myself; army lists that would look cool on the battlefield; additional rules and scenarios for games that I would use if ever I got the opportunity.

Well, scribbling little notes and mumbling to yourself about all your grand plans does not a hobby make. It's borderline schizophrenia.

Hence this blog.

Maybe, this is just going to be an electronic version of my little scribblings and to-do lists and nothing more will come of it. But maybe, just maybe, this will spur me on to turn all the cr*p that's inside my frustrated, cluttered, disorganised brain into reality. I can make excuses about not having enough time (actually, I really don't have enough time) but really it all comes down to will power and organisational skills.

So welcome to my blog. I hope I can fill these pages with real life projects, or at least a bunch of cool stuff, that might interest or inspire you.